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Rodent Chewing Blocks Australia

We supply Pura Enrichment Devices to research laboratories and other scientific research organisations. With all your laboratory needs in one place we will make your life easier. 

Pura Enrichment Devices & SmartBuy

Pura Enrichment Devices, Rodent chewing blocks, Animal chewing blocks, Animal chewing sticks, Mouse house, Polycarbonate mouse house, Cellulose mouse house, Cellulose enrichment, Plastic enrichment, Mouse cage dividers, Rat enrichment, Mouse Enrichment, Rat Tunnel, Mouse Tunnel, Rodent Tunnel and Enrichment Tunnels for Mice can be purchased with our SmartBuy program. Use one purchase order to order for the whole year. Save admin time and focus on your Research.

Rodent TunnelS Delivered To You

Able Scientific supplies Pura Enrichment Devices to animal research laboratories all across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We can also distribute Pura Enrichment Devices to rural Australia and across the entire Asia-Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines and all other regions. Simply request a quote and we will be in touch.